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fter a lot of consideration, we’ve undergone pretty significant site changes in the last few months. Our goal was to change the look of the site, and make it a lot easier to find adventures in Texas quickly. And to make sure it was just as easy whether you are using your computer, tablet or phone. I started this site 2 years ago when I had a really difficult time one weekend trying to figure out what to do on a random Saturday. We were looking for someplace new to take the kids, but navigating through all of the ads and noise that you normally find on the internet was incredibly frustrating and we just eventually gave up. I just wanted to find a simple site that allowed me to search by area and then quickly read about different places I could visit. Out of that frustration, GoExploreTexas was born. Too many other sites focus on making money, or don’t focus enough on the actual destinations themselves. They throw so much content at you in an attempt to get more traffic and lose site of why they started in the first place. We’re keeping the site simple and laser focused. By the way…we know we’re missing some key Texas destinations, like Big Bend and San Jacinto but that is intentional. Our goal is to only add destinations that we’ve visited and vetted. We plan to get to Big Bend this summer and I should be able to visit San Jacinto in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy the changes and would love it if you found the time to use the Share Your Texas section at the top of the site to send us suggestions on where to go next. My dream is to turn this site into a place where Texans can share their favorite places and not just have the content come from us. But that’s a little further down the road!

Josh Looman – Owner and Editor


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This is such a cool idea, Josh!!

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