The Birthplace of Texas!
Visit the Site Where the Texas Declaration of Independence was Signed

Washington-on-the-Brazos is the birthplace of Texas. Let that sink in for a second.

Do you have any idea what happened here? On March 2nd, 1836, 59 delegates met in a tiny, one room building to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence. For the next ten years, Texas was it’s own nation. Separate from Mexico. From Spain. Even from the United States.

If you are a fan of Texas history and the Texas Revolution, you’ll love this place. You can walk inside Independence Hall (where they signed the Declaration). You can visit an amazing museum that gives you a glimpse into life during the most insane point in Texas history. The town itself no longer exists, but you CAN walk around the perimeter of the original town and see the foundations of the buildings that DID exist. Shoot…you can even stop and get ice cream for the kids.

One of the best times to visit is on Independence Day (March 2nd). Trust us…you’ll feel like you stepped into a time machine.


Washington on the Brazos is near Brenham, Texas in Central-East Texas.

Barrington Living History Farm

Right next to the park is the Barrington Living History Farm, where re-enactors work the farm as it was in the days of the last president of Texas. There are animals, plenty of demonstrations and way more to see than we expected. The kids loved it and it’s definitely worth a detour.

Verdict: Most Likely.

We took the kids to Washington on the Brazos last year and they loved it. They especially loved Barrington Living History Farm, where they got to plant seeds, feed animals and run around the farm.

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