A Legendary Historical Landmark

There’s a legend that’s been around hundreds of years in this part of the state.

Jim Bowie, hero of the Alamo, told people before he died about a mysterious silver mine that he had found.

Most experts assume the mine or the silver taken from it are somewhere near the San Saba River in Menard, Texas. But others have suggested that the silver mine itself might actually be Packsaddle Mountain.

Whether or not it is Jim Bowie’s silver mine, this unassuming chunk of rock near Llano has a long and storied history. Spanish explorers mined it for gold before the Texas Revolution and it was also the site of the last big Indian fight in this area of Texas.

In 1873, a band of Apaches were brutalizing towns and settlements in the area. One afternoon, a woman returned to Moss Ranch after being shot in the side with an arrow. In the raid where she was wounded, the Apache fighters took a significant amount of cattle from the ranch and fled. When the Apaches stopped to cure the meat on Packsaddle Mountain, eight ranchers caught up to them and a fierce battle began. In the end, three of the ranchers were killed and they were able to take out at least three of the Apaches.

Just think…we complain today about slow Wi-Fi and long lines at Starbucks. At least you aren’t coming home with an arrow sticking out of your chest. 🙂

Packsaddle Mountain is about 20 minutes from Llano.

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