A Great Spot For Tubing or Swimming in the Texas Hill Country
Swimming and a great walk-in camping area highlight this park

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited Guadalupe River State Park for a quick overnight camping trip last summer.

I assumed from the name that it had great access to the Guadalupe River, but it was unclear what the rest of the park had to offer.

What I found was a great little park that is right in the middle of the Hill Country. It’s got over four miles of access to the river and a really great little walk-in tent camping area right next to the water that looks amazing.

I typically shy away from walk-in camping since I’ve had some bad experiences having to carry a ton of stuff to a campsite that is miles from my car, but this spot is NOT like that. It’s right next to convenient parking in a great little shady, wooded area. I ended up staying in the normal RV camping area and while it was fine, when I visit again I’ll definitely book a site in the walk-in section.

There are plenty of hiking trails (I only hiked one….the Bald Cypress Trail) and a huge area for swimming and tubing.

If you live near this park and love to get in the water, I would recommend taking the plunge soon.

Guadalupe River State Park is about an hour from San Antonio and an hour and a half from Austin.

Verdict: Definitely.

The kids will love it. Besides the swimming areas and tubing, there is a great Discovery Center down near the water where they can learn about the park and check out a variety of exhibits that are native to the area.

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